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The main focus of this channel is to help teach your little ones: Bangla cartoon stories is very famous in children’s which give very good moral, these animated panchatantra stories are very popular among the children because it is very simple, meaningful, interesting, inspirational with funny characters’ which are latest and best in the class, these stories contains amazing, hengali small benali big popular animals. New Story OTHER super-hit stories are: They get a scolding from the master.

Vikram Betal Ki Manoranjak Kahaniya Bengali (PB) – Indian Tales – Junior Diamond

Will the King and his subjects agree to the monster’s conditions? This is a purely fairy tales, full of fun and vikfam are all along through the incidents. However; on the other hand, Gopal very vividly understands that the Minister will try to make more money for himself by benefitting from the situation. Such was the genius of Gopal that the King considered him as a Navaratna of his court. Ssoftoonsanimation This is the story of a gymnast named vijram Paloyan”.

And, due to this reason, the King has even granted him leave. Balloon and in kisna’s era.

Vikram Betal | বিক্রম বেতাল | Protihingsha | Bengali Cartoon Video

Encouraging the welfare of children all over the country, Kids Pool wishes every beautiful child of India a very Happy Children’s Day! Mahat Paribartan is a bengali movie. This story is full of fun and morals are all along through the incidents.


It is Raja Krishnachandra, who thinks that neither of them is paying attention about upholding his respect in the Krishnanagar province. Koo Koo TV – Bengali. Bhalotia Written by Priyo Chattopadhyay. His statue can still be seen in the palace of Raja Krishnachandra.

The ghost with his magic will let the people laugh. One day while returning from a trip he saves an orphan and frees him from the clutches of some bad guys. Stories teach us a new way of looking at everyday life.

Vikram Betal | বিক্রম বেতাল | Swarna Danda | Bangla Cartoon Video – Самые лучшие видео

Thakurmar Jhuli Bangomaa Ar Bangom! Stories about his exploits are narrated in Bengal to this day and are immortalized in countless short stories.

Full one hour movie of Hing Ting Chot series. Nonte Fonte is a Bengali comic-strip creation of Ij Debnath which originally was serialized for the children’s monthly magazine Kishore Bharati.

The production of ssoftoons. They devise a plan to kill Gopal, and take him in as a part of their gang. The monster agrees on the condition that he receive a sacrifice of one subject daily. The king as well as the betak of the neighboring kingdoms tries to rescue the princess but failed.

Watch to know what happens next. This character was created by Troilokyanath Mukhopadhyay at 18th century. The kingdom is attacked by a monster who defeats the King. He asks her to find out where the life of the demons were kept. Watch Latest Kids Songs This is a purely bangla cartoon based on the fairy tales written by upendrakishore ray chowdhury with comedy and fantasy.


Gopal’s house roof sfories a crack and all the rainwater is getting in, so many problems how would Gopal solve it, watch to sstories out! The kingdom is attacked by a monster who defeats the King. Does Gopal know to predict future? But Gopal is not seen anywhere.

Bhalotia Written by Priyo Chattopadhyay. The King heads over to find Gopal. Stay tuned and keep enjoying three episodes back to back.

Vikram Betal Ki Manoranjak Kahaniya Bengali (PB)

He returns with Subuddhi to his house and is welcomed with open arms by Khema. Watch a moral story for children in Bangla Language. Hemgupta a successful merchant lives with his wife Khema in the kingdom of Amalapur.

All of them ib looking same. Mainly Kids but suitable for all who loves fairy tales.