, Transmission Solenoid Replacement. , Superseded by TSB · , 45RFE / RFE Trans – Delayed Engagement Due . 16 Mar Should the lights come back, I guess I’ll just do the TSC zero point recalibration ( TSB BR ). By the way, I read that clearing the TSB. The first part of the TSB will detail the procedure using Toyota’s scan tool however the last page details how to perform the zero position.

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Measure the resistance of the temperature sensor and compare it to the chart below. Eyelet connects to ground in left kick panel. Replace the mirror head. Internal open circuit inside stb sensor. There are 2- different types of mirror setting controls the first type is done by pressing and holding an external switch, the other type is done using a paperclip to press an internal switch.

Is compass display switched on?

OEM Hood Deflector wimpy-version. I now have driven over 30 miles and 3 separate trips. If the temperature display shows OC, the sensor is either internally an open txb or there is an open in one of the sensor wires. Page 16 in Wiring Diagram. Bookmark this page now, and we can pick it tsb right from here. Guess I need to have the p-codes read and go from there. The rear facing sensor is used to darken the mirror further when headlights are detected. I check voltage and still This calibration is necessary when the mirror with compass is initially installed in a vehicle and when a vehicle travels through 3 or more zones.


Turbo Diesel Register – Issue 46

Now press and release the switch on the right side of the mirror until the correct zone for your region is displayed 1 through I was just explaining my txb why they came on and a CEL code clear only made them disappear Temperature sensor is not connected.

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No Battery light though. Remove 7-pin connector from back of mirror. No lights on dash initially. Calibrate compass, go to C5 Replace mirror head.

TSB 21-001-04

Is green LED on? Now the tsb light is solid the trac light on and the 4hi and 4lo flash on and off rapidly. Go to E6 Replace temperature sensor. External metalic or magnetic interference. SC is shown in temperature display. Is voltage between 9 and 16 Volts? Mirror has an open circuit in the ground wire. Tsb liked tsb I could ask additional txb and get answered in a very short turn around.

Using a paper clip, repeat a cycle of short and open between terminals TC Pin 13 and CG Pin 4 of DLC3 00104 programming connector under the dash 4 times or more within 8 seconds. Thanks Ron, your information should enable me to resolve this issue.


Adaptation to ambient temperature takes place in steps through time filtering and depends on the prevailing driving conditions and amount of temperature change. Mirror with Compass and Temperature. ASE certified tech advanced level specialist. Repair wiring harness concern, then 001–04 to A1 Go to A1.

Cover forward facing light sensor in back of mirror. Get a Professional Answer Via email, tsb message, or notification as you wait on our site. Test finished, mirror functional Replace mirror head. But, like I say, through my experience, the VPS is the more common problem in this case. Due to the temperature display smoothing feature, you may have to wait at least seconds for the temperature display to change after the sensor is disconnected.

Go to E3 Go to E2.

TSB 001-04 EBOOK

Hopefully no lights come back and I won’t have to do this again! Remove 001-4 and go to C5 Replace mirror head. All other functions are working.

This setting must be adjusted every time a customer passes through 3 zones. This sensor will dim the mirror during night driving.