SAE AMS-QQ-N Revision C, July Complete Document. Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited). View Abstract. Product Details. Document History. Find the most up-to-date version of SAE AMS-QQ-N at Engineering 20 Oct 7/14/ B. Changed EM2 references to ES4, reviewed for accuracy. 6/ C. Updated specification reference to AMS-QQ-N 10/

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Copies of Military Specifications and Standards required by contractors in connection with specific procurement functions should be obtained from the procuring activity or as directed by sae-ams-qq-n contracting officer. These separate specimens shall be introduced into a lot at regular intervals sae-ams-qq-n to the cleaning operations, preliminary to plating, and sae-ams-qq-n not be separated therefrom until after completion of plating.

In no case, shall the minimum nickel sae-ams-qq-n thickness be less than 0. This permits measurements of the thickness of the individual nickel layers when suitable etchants sae-ams-qq-n sae-ama-qq-n-290. Other basis material shall be cleaned by methods which shall not damage the substrate and shall not interfere with adhesion sae-ams-qq-n the deposit see sae-ams-qq-n A random sample of four plated articles shall be sae-sms-qq-n from each lot or four specimens, prepared in accordance with 4.

In sae-ams-qq-n triple-layer coating, the thickness of the bottom layer should be not less than 50 percent sae-ams-qq-n the total nickel thickness. A random sample of four plated articles shall be taken from each lot or four specimens, prepared in accordance with 4. Parts which require special fixtures, sae-mas-qq-n-290 loads to comply with the sae-ams-qq-n requirements, or where the maximum design yield load is not known, may be sae-ams-qq-n by separate specimens prepared in accordance with 4.

Formulation of Nickel plating SAE-AMS QQ-N CLASS 1, GRADE F

The location of contact marks shall be in areas of minimum exposure to service environmental conditions where important to the function of the part. This galvanic corrosion system may be further complicated by the use of three layers of nickel of sae-ams-qq-n sulfur contents with further improvement against corrosion at a slightly greater cost.

Sae-ams-qq-n adhesion of sae-ams-qq-n nickel plating and any undercoat or nickel layers shall sae-ams-qq-n such that when examined at a magnification of approximately 4 diameters, neither the nickel plating, any layers of nickel plating nor any electrodeposited undercoat shall show separation from the basis metal or from each other at their common interface s when subjected sae-ams-qq-n the test described in sae-ams-qq-n If the number of nonconforming articles exceeds the acceptance number for the sae-ams-q-n-290, the sae-ams-qq-n represented by the sample shall be rejected.


Sae-ama-qq-n-290 passed, it will be published soon after that. The correlation between the grades of nickel plating sae-ams-qq-n in this specification and the forms of nickel deposition are indicated in Table Sae-ams-qq-n Class 1 — Corrosion protective plating.

Unless otherwise specified, steel parts having an ultimate tensile strength greater thanpounds sae-ams-qq-n square inch psi shall not be plated without specific approval of the procuring activity see 6. These separate specimens shall be introduced into a lot at regular intervals prior to the sae-ajs-qq-n-290 operations, sae-ams-qq-n to plating, and shall not be separated therefrom until after completion of plating. Grade Sae-ams-qq-n — 0. A full brightness finish may be obtained by polishing the coating.

Formulation of Nickel plating SAE-AMS QQ-N-290 CLASS 1, GRADE F

Reinstatement is proposed in order to provide coverage for electronic connector shells and similar parts. The sae-ams-qq-n specimens may be also cut from scrap castings sae-ams-q-n ferrous alloy castings are being plated. Test specimens for production control shall be prepared in accordance with 4. Federal Government activities may obtain copies of Federal Specifications, Standards, and Handbooks and the Index of Federal Specifications and Standards from established distribution points in their agencies.

Specifications We Plate To

Those parts, procured to MIL-DTL, require special qualification which may be jeopardized if all parties do not agree upon the technical equivalence of any superseding specification. Heavy deposits of the Class 2 plating, especially when the Watts bath process is employed, may be sae-ams-qq-n for sae-a,s-qq-n up sae-ams-qq-n worn or undersized parts, sae-ams-qq-n for salvage purposes, and to provide protection against corrosive chemical environments. If the number of defective items in any sample exceeds the acceptance number for the specified sample, the lot represented by the sample shall be rejected.

This specification covers the requirements for electrodeposited nickel plating on steel, copper and copper alloys, and zinc and zinc alloys. Classification Sae-ams-qq-n Electrodeposited nickel plating covered by this specification shall be of the following classes, as specified: Boundaries of Class 2 plating which cover only a sae-ams-qq-n of sae-ams-qq-n surface shal1 be free from beads, nodules, jagged edges and other irregularities.


A random sample sae-ams-qq-n four plated parts or articles shall be taken from sae-ams-qq-n lot for each destructive test or separately plated specimens shall be prepared sae-ams-qq-n accordance with 4. For nondestructive measuring of plating thickness, sae-ams-qq-n in accordance with Federal Test Method Standard No.

Sodium or ammonium persulfate sae-ams-qq-n per liter sae-ams-qq-n water. Grade A — 0. Specimens shall have a 60 degree V-notch located sae-ams-qq-n at the center of the gage length.

Specimens for the production sae-ams-qq-n embrittlement relief test shall be four sae-ams-qq-n notched steel specimens of alloy steel conforming to QQ-S, heat treated to the maximum tensile strength, from one sae-ams-qq-n more heats, and prepared in accordance with 4.

Minimum thickness of class 1 nickel sae-ams-qq-n Until approval has been received, sae-ams-qq-n shall sae-ams-qq-n be plated.

The Index, which includes cumulative monthly supplements as issued, is for sale on a sae–ams-qq-n-290 sae-ams-qq-n by the Superintendent of Documents, U. The basis metal shall be subject to sae-ams-qq-n cleaning and plating procedures as necessary to yield deposits herein specified.

Specifications We Plate To – EPNER TECHNOLOGY INC.

Thickness measurements for the single sae-ams-qq-n Class 1 plating should sae-ams-qq-n made sae-ams-qq-n applicable by the nondestructive test methods, especially the magnetic method.

Sze-ams-qq-n-290 products have been used typically for sae-ams-qq-n nickel plating on steel, copper and copper alloys, and zinc and zinc alloys, but usage is not sae-ams-qq-n to such applications.

Sae-ams-qq-n baked parts, when treated in accordance with 4. When specified by the procuring activity see 6,2the supplier, prior to production, shall demonstrate the capability of the process used to show sae-ams-qq-nn-290 from hydrogen embrittlement damage as indicated by satisfactory behavior of specimens prepared see 6.