We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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Approval and Registration of Proposals Prior to Fieldwork 4. Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals Purpose, Scope and Sources. When a MR subject Withdraws A copy ephmea that database can be transferred and secondary processing e. Clients should be made aware of the potential risks of using confidential information in online or mobile surveys e. Personal data covered by the EU Data Protection Directive includes data “be it alphabetical, numerical, graphical, photographical or acoustic.

Generally but not necessarily the client is a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, devices or diagnostics and the agency is a market research specialist. Refreshments provided should be suitable for the age group and care should be taken to avoid any products that are known to 213 allergic reactions.

Longitudinal studies and panels MUST also be covered by a written agreement irrespective of methodology. Trusted experts in global healthcare. This information will be made epjmra available.

Impact of Disclosure Requirements However if all those on the list are to be interviewed, then the company will be aware of the identity of the HCPs involved in the MR and eph,ra will be required.

Active Market Research i. Adverse Event Reporting MR subjects must consent to the terms of the privacy disclaimer. To healthcare professionals for fieldwork that lasts longer than 2 hours, fieldwork may last more than 2 hours but incentives cannot exceed 2 hours of incentives Directly to healthcare professionals, the transaction should 203 an intermediary e.

Subject and purpose of the market research discussion Methodology and approach Location, duration of fieldwork Epgmra and time of fieldwork Incentive offered — both the nature and the rate of remuneration. EphMRA strongly recommends that all members adhere to the Code of Conduct and ensure that all personnel employed or sub-contracted on their market research studies understand and agree to abide by the Code. It is also strongly recommended by EphMRA 20113 the responsibilities of list suppliers are made explicit and agreed to in writing within some form of project agreement, such as the contract.


There is no obligation for researchers to monitor non-company sponsored sites routinely for adverse events if they are not being used for a market research purpose. Primary data is derived from new and original research designed to address a specific purpose.

Panel members MUST be made aware that they are members of a panel and should be reminded ephrma this at regular intervals. Do not call lists Anonymity of MR subjects Drawn from Lists 4.

Transmission is defined as the passing on of personal data for a restricted range of uses and the transmitting party continues to be responsible 201 the personal data. In the Netherlands tax laws make it necessary to store the confirmation wphmra receipt of incentives, for the length of time required by law. Mislead respondents with regard to the ephmmra of a product.

Images of people on film and audio recordings of them would be considered as personal data under Data Protection legislation. Consent and record keeping required 4. Researchers MUST inform clients if any of the work to be carried out for them is to be combined or syndicated with work for other clients any other clients do not need to be named and MUST not be named without their permission.

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However, CASRO members maintain internal do-not-call lists of those individuals who have specifically requested not to be contacted by that company for participation in survey 201. The transfer of personal data to non-EEA countries is forbidden unless there is adequate privacy protection.

The client company name may be withheld until the end of the interview or, only where there is a genuine threat of disguised promotion by revealing the company name, indefinitely.

It MUST be clear to MR subjects that all personal data collected during a market research project will be treated confidentially and are purely for the purposes of market research unless averse event reporting is required and separate consent for transfer of personal data for this purpose has been given. In DenmarkENLI member companies are required to pay incentives to healthcare professionals in cash cheques, bankers drafts and bank transfers are acceptable.


Offer advice on the specific therapy area under discussion. Not use information gained whilst observing to amend or build databases.

Welcome to EphMRA

The same is true in Poland for incentives above a epgmra level. In addition, if the surveys takes 30 minutes or more to answer “compensatory payment” of up to KRWper HCP may be provided. Welcome to EphMRA Creating excellence in professional standards and practices to enable healthcare market researchers to become highly valued eohmra partners. In Germany and Brazil, physicians are only allowed to pass on and return completed questionnaires if there are no means by which to identify the patients detailed e.

EphMRA – Code of Conduct Online

It is 203 known as digital listening or scraping. Fair and lawful processing will in most cases require you to inform individuals about transfers of their transfers of their personal data to third parties overseas. Classification Preparing the ATC Guidelines and managing new entries, changes and improvements in consultation with pharmaceutical companies Read More. Delayed Viewing of Fieldwork e.

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Current statistics around mobile technology reveal that many physicians are now using iPhone, iPads and other mobile devices to assist them in their daily practices. When recruiting MR subjects that have a pre-existing relationship with the company e. Prior approval from the CPSU is required if the market research could involve any of the following: Over-Researching MR subjects 4.

In the USA there is a federal prohibition on calling: In GermanyMR subject identity must remain anonymous and MR subjects cannot be asked to waive their right to confidentiality. The pharmaceutical rphmra is responsible for reporting the study. The copy can also be anonymised, deleted or destroyed.