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This is the lesson which the Great Teacher has so luminously out before us in the parable of the Prodigal Son.

But so long as you think this thought it continues to subsist, and necessarily remains present in the Divine Mind, thus fulfilling the logical conditions required for the perpetuation of the individual life. It, indeed, transcends our previous range of ideas and so presents a culmination of the cosmic creative series which passes beyond that series and thus brings us to number Eight or the Octave; but on this very account it is the number One of a new creative series which is personal to the individual.

When we realize the truth about the Creative Process, we see that the originating life is not physical: In this necessity of the case, then, we find the reason why the life, love, and beauty of the Spirit are not visibly reproduced in every human being. The Creative Process in the Individual. This is a universal principle; if we do not enter into the Spirit of a thing, it is dead so far as we are concerned; but if we do enter into it we reproduce in ourselves the same quality of life which called that thing into existence.

The immense importance of this principle of creation from a single power will become apparent as we realize more fully the results proceeding from the assumption of the opposite principle, or the dualism of the creative power; but as the discussion of this great subject would require a volume to itself, I must, at present, content myself with saying that this insistence of the Bible upon the singleness of the Creative Power is based upon a knowledge which goes to the very root of esoteric principles, and is therefore not to be set aside in favour of dualistic systems, though superficially the latter may appear more consonant to reason.

Everything has its origin in an idea, a thought; and it has its completion in the manifestation of that thought in form. We shall realize in ourselves the working of a new principle whose distinguishing feature is its simplicity.

He receives guidance because he seeks guidance; and he both seeks and receives according to a Law which he is able to recognize; so that he no more sacrifices his liberty or dwarfs his powers, than does an engineer who submits to the generic laws of electricity, in order to apply them to some specific purpose.

Now the fact which, in our past experience, we have not grasped is that the human mind forms a new point of departure for the work of the Creative Spirit; and in proportion as we see this more and more clearly, the more we shall find ourselves entering into a new order of life in which we become less and less subject to the old limitations.


Thomas Troward – The Dore Lectures on Mental Science – Complete Text at

Then it follows that this realization toward only be complete where the individual has perfect liberty to withhold it; for otherwise no true realization could have taken place. We trowrd find ourselves holding an intermediate position between true First Cause, on the one hand, and the world of secondary causes on the other, and in order to understand the nature of this position, we must fall back on the axiom that the Universal can only work on the plane of the Particular through the individual.

But when the light begins to break in upon us, all this becomes changed. This, surely, is a question worthy of our careful consideration. When we advance to the conception of the Spirit as containing in itself the ideal of Form as well as of Power, we shall cease from the effort of trying to force things into tyomas particular shape, whether on the inner or the outer plane, and shall be content to trust the inherent harmoniousness or Beauty of the Spirit to produce combinations far in advance of anything that we could have conceived ourselves.

Lifeasart rated it really liked it Dec 24, Then it is that his recognition of the originating creative movement, as arising from combined Thought and Feeling, becomes a practical working asset.

The difference is like that between the mathematics of thomqs infant, who cannot count beyond the number of apples or marbles trooward before him, and that of the senior wrangler who is not dependent upon visible objects for his calculations, but plunges boldly into the unknown because he knows that he is working by indubitable principles.

Life is BEING, it is the experience of states of consciousness, and there is an unfailing correspondence between these inner states and our outward conditions.

The Doré Lectures by T. Troward

Thus the Great Affirmation makes us children of the Great King, at once living in obedience to that Power which is above us, and exercising this same power over all that world tfoward secondary causation which is below us.

Thomas Troward was a judge in British-administered India, where he made a personal study of the teachings of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

We are to use our common sense and natural faculties in working upon the conditions now present. This personal recognition of the Divine then affords us a new basis of Affirmation, and we need no longer trouble to go further back in order to analyze it, because we know experimentally that it is there; so now we find the starting-point of the new creation ready-made for us according to the architypal pattern in the Divine Mind itself and therefore perfectly correctly formed. Following this method we shall grow more and more into the habit of looking to mental attitude as the Key to our progress in Life, knowing that everything else must come out of that; and we shall further discover that our mental attitude is eventually determined by the way in which we regard the Divine Mind.


It is Spirit producing Substance out of its own essence, and the Substance taking Form in accordance with the movement of the Spirit. Get access to the best in romance: This is precisely the method which has brought forth all the advances of material civilization.

It is this primary originating power which we mean when we speak of “The Spirit,” and it is into this Spirit of the whole universe that we must enter if we would reproduce it as a spring of Original Life in ourselves. He realizes that there is a Heart and Mind of the Spirit reciprocal to his own heart and mind, that he is not dealing with a filmy abstraction, nor yet with a mere mathematical sequence, but with something that is pulsating with a Life as warm and vivid and full of interest as his own–nay, more so, for it is the Infinite of all that he himself is.

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The Doré Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward

The Great Teacher’s words, “Take no thought for the morrow”–and note that the correct translation is “Take no anxious thought”– are the practical application of the soundest philosophy. To set forth to out-wit all evil by our own knowledge of its nature is to attempt a task the hopelessness of which becomes apparent when we see it in its true light. I do not think it is at all necessary, or even possible, for us to scale these heights or fathom those depths, with our present infantile intelligence, but if we realize how completely the law of our being receives its fulfilment in Christ as far as we know that law, may we not well conceive that there are yet deeper phases of that law the existence of which we can only faintly surmise by intuition?

Now the relation of Christ to the “Father” is that of the Architypal Idea in the All-creating Mind of which I have previously spoken, and so we arrive at the conception of the Christ-idea as a universal principle, and as being an idea therefore capable of reproduction in the individual Mind, thus explaining St.

Individuality is the necessary complement of the Universal Spirit, which was the subject of our consideration last Sunday.